My Projects

VR Book Reader

ReactJS NodeJS AFrame VR Book Reader is a web based application for reading digital books in beautiful and immersive VR Environments. This app will allow you to upload your books, assign a VR Environment and enjoy yourself while reading. Visit

A-Frame Bring To Front Component

Javascript AFrame A-Frame Bring To Front Component component For A-Frame. This component serves as a wrapper around any other element and listens to an event to know when to put the wrapped element in front of the camera (default). Github NPM Demo

Chill N' Sound - Chrome Extension

Vanilla JS Chrome Extension Chill N' Sound chrome extension is a small addition to the original web app I made. It provides all app functionality from inside the extension Github Download

Chill N' Sound

Vanilla JS Chill N' Sound lets you relax with the sounds of nature! You can Play and Mix Ambient sounds to boost concentration and productivity. Github Visit

Chill N' Sound / ASP.NET

Vanilla JS ASP.NET Chill N' Sound ASP.NET Version features a lightweight admin panel that offers controll over sounds and authorized users, for Chill N' Sound App Github


CodeIgniter Vanilla JS Relaxoid is a Codeigniter app that lets you easily create soundboard websites. With it you can create a clone of websites like Nosli, A Soft Murmur, or custom soundboards. You can try the demo and buy the app form the Alkanyx store. Demo Store

LoremIpsum Library for CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter Small, lightweight helper library for CodeIgniter 2.x & 3.x to help boost productivity and time needed for creating app mockups... This library is open source and free, but you can show your appreaciation by bying it from the Alkanyx store. Github Store

CSS Galore

CodeIgniter Materialize Framework Javascript CSSGalore is a web based CSS3 code generator for most commonly used styling options. It generates the code using user input, with live preview of the changes. CSSGalore, at the time, provides 13 tools for code generation. Github Visit

CSS Galore / Windows APP

Nativefier CSSGalore Windows APP is a native wrapper for CSSGalore Website, giving all the functionalities of the web app in one desktop application. It was built with Nativefier on top of CSS Galore. Visit

Material Resumé

CodeIgniter JQuery Material Resumé is a web based resumé (curriculum vitae) generator/editor. Currently in pre-alpha it offers only one resumé design and some limited options. I plan to add more options( project descriptions, education descriptions etc. ) and more themes in the near future. Github Visit


PHP PokéAPI Javascript Pokédex is a web application, powered by PokéAPI. This app is an experimental project and due to limitations of PokéAPI could run slow on some machines.

Note: App isn't optimized for mobile devices.
Github Visit

7even Deadly Sins

Photoshop 7even Deadly Sins is a series of underground collages made for a small art exhibition hosted in Belgrade. It was featured in Serbian national television in a cultural TV show. Visit